About Us:

Casa de Projecto libertad: Providing Legal Services Since 1981

Casa de Proyecto Libertad (PL) was founded in 1981 to provide legal defense and advocacy for detained Central American immigrants seeking asylum in the UnitedStates. Proyecto Libertad has evolved from a Central American legal services project into a community-based organization dedicated to supporting immigrant families living in the Rio Grande Valley.

The mission of Casa de Proyecto Libertad is β€œto promote and defend the Human Rights of immigrant families in the Rio Grande Valley through legal defense and community organizing.”

PL believes that all persons – clients, members, the greater public, and PL employees – deserve to be respected, live with dignity, and enjoy well-being.

As a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)-accredited organization, Casa de Proyecto Libertad provides quality, low-cost legal defense:

Through community organizing, Casa de Proyecto Libertad facilitated the birth of and provides support and direction to the Valley Movement for Human Rights, a grassroots human rights network in the Rio Grande Valley. Casa de Proyecto Libertad organizes immigrant parents and their children in the Valley Movement for Human Rights so that they can:

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